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The netwinder.org site strives to be the focal point for development on the NetWinder platform. The site is run by volunteers, many of whom were former employees of Rebel.com. Our primary goal is to help develop new software applications for the NetWinder, to use the hardware in new ways, and generally to have fun. We offer the following services:

  • News server: Our primary means for interaction with the developer community is via our news server. The server is open to all and there are several newsgroups available to cover all interests. Please do not cross-post messages to several newsgroups; if you are unsure which group is right, use "general" and we'll direct you.

  • Mailing lists: Our mailing lists mirror the newsgroups (in other words, anything posted to the newsgroups will also be posted to the corresponding mailing list, and vice versa). Some people find mailing lists easier to keep up with, while others prefer newsgroups. The choice is yours.

  • FTP site: Our FTP site contains a huge selection of software for the NetWinder. The "official" area includes complete disk images as well as individual packages (source and binary). The "users" area includes many additional tools. For more information on the layout of the FTP site, please see the the Downloads page. For better throughput on your FTP please use one of the mirrors.

  • Web site: Our web site provides resources such as the FAQ, HOWTO documents, as well as comprehensive search capabilities for the entire site. In addition to the "official" sections, there are many user-contributed pages with projects related to the NetWinder.

  • CVS server: Our CVS repository houses various netwinder-specific projects. We do not offer anonymous access due to security issues, but we offer developer accounts to anyone who would like to use our CVS server.

  • Developer accounts: Want your own netwinder.org email address? Need web or FTP space for your netwinder projects? No problem. We are happy to host your open-source projects so long as they involve NetWinder in some way. All you need to do is register to get your developer account. (Note: we do not offer shell access, sorry!)

If you have some other special request not covered by the above, then just let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate you.