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If you have a problem...

Please note that NetWinder.org is not an official tech support site for the NetWinder product. We do not sell netwinders or support contracts, and we have no affiliation with the owners of the NetWinder techology. We merely provide a place for developers to have discussions and exchange programs, and we do so on our own time.

We do get a lot of requests for help, and therefore have set up a number of resources for resolving problems. Please look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the HOWTO documents. If you are looking for particular files or packages, please try the search page, which is also a good way to find out what software has been ported to run on the NetWinder.

If you require ongoing support for your NetWinder and are willing to pay for it, you should talk directly with one of the following support providers. This list is provided for your convenience; there is no endorsement intended.

Third-party support providers
Name Location Types of service
Phillips Consulting Group Inc. Stittsville, Ontario, Canada Support contracts
GDB Solutions Kanata, Ontario, Canada On and off-site support, contracts and administration services
Computers Now Ottawa Ontario, Canada Installation, setup, support.

To be included in the list above, simply send us email with your contact information. Expect a reply within a few days at the latest.